Space taken by trashbin and versions seems to affect displayed quota

Steps to reproduce

  1. Check user quota in client or web UI.
  2. Modify a large file to have a new version generated.
  3. Check user quota again.

Expected behaviour

To my understanding, files in the files_trashbin and files_versions directories should not affect to overall quota of a user, as these files will sequentially be purged if the data in files approaches the actual quota.

Actual behaviour

Whenever new versions are created, the displayed quota in web interface and Windows client decreases accordingly (see screenshot).


  • User “alex” has a quota of 50 GB (third snippet), the server has by far enough storage left to supply that.
  • The file system (fourth snippet) shows 34 GB in the files folder.
  • Yet, both Web UI and client show the quota 34 of 47GB used.
  • The difference between the actual quota (50GB) and the displayed one (47GB) is obviously the files in trashbin and versions (third snippets).
  • I tried adding a large file to the trashbin and can confirm that is decreases both the used and total values displayed.

To my understanding, this behaviour is not correct. I noticed it about 2 weeks ago, but cannot assign it to any update, as both client and server did not get updates at that time.

Server configuration

Operating system: Ubuntu
Web server: Apache
Database: MariaDB
PHP version: 7.4
ownCloud version:
Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install: updated
List of activated apps: all default apps (no third-party)

Client configuration

Browser: Firefox
Operating system: Windows 10

I clearly disagree here. The user’s quota summarizes all disk space occupied by that user. And that’s fully OK as it is.

I might agree on that, however, with this situation:

quota → 50 GB
files → 34 GB
trash/versions → 3 GB

I would then expect:
Quota: 37 GB used of 50 GB

And not:
Quota: 34 GB used of 47 GB

The first option would still be wrong, too, from my view, as it indicates that only 13 GB more can be uploaded by the user, which is not true.

Why do you think this is not true? It doesn’t matter where the storage used for trash and versions is subtracted. Fact is, you can still add 13 GB.
Or do I miss something?

In fact, you can still add 16 GB of data.
If you add another 13 GB, storage will be full.
But if you then add another file, the trashbin and versions apps will automatically purge some of their data to make room for the ‘live’ data.


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