Specification for app icon


OK, I know this is more a user- than a developer forum. Nevertheless I dare to ask a more development specific question here.

Is there any specification or at least recommendation for creating app icons? I’m sure, such a doc exists somewhere, but where? Nothing is mentioned in the developer manual.

Any hints, best practices etc?


What app icons?

can you specify ?


Writing a new app with its own icon. This icon should represent the app in the app menu.

How should this icon file be made? Size, format, Layers whatever is needed or recommended.


uhg, I am way out of my league to comment on this.

Let’s home some developers will comment here.


Well, its not easy to accept. All those developers out there, creating their apps, designing some beautiful app icons… But how did they design their icons?

Any help is still appreciated.


I think everyone of them is mentioned with their GitHub handle in the app. Maybe write them directly?


Hey, the first place i would look for such an information would be https://doc.owncloud.org/server/latest/developer_manual/.

If none of such info is available there then i think it could make sense to request such information to be added to the documentation.


The Icons are svgs. They have no size. Draw a cool svg Icon using e.g. Inkacape and be happy :rofl: