SQl Error SQlSTATE[28000] [1045]



Hi to All,

I installed OC 9.1 from scratch and completely new.
At the last page of wizard
I entered the admin name & password, the same user name for mysql, the root password for mysql, database i named it owncloud and localhost.
After pressing finishing installation I received the following error message:
SQlSTATE[28000] [1045] acccess denied for user@localhost (using password ; YES)

What went wrong and how resolve it ??

Many, many thanks in advance!

regards, hitam4450



you can't choose an username and then use the root password for mysql (how should that work?). Instead make sure that no databases and users from an old oC installation exists and specify the root user and the root password in the database fields as described in the installation documentation at doc.owncloud.org


OK, thanks for clarification. I mixed up something!
Everything is Ok noW!
regards, hitam4450