SSL certificate import issue

I would like to import my self-signed certificate created with openSSL into ownCloud (run under Docker).

My self-signed CA certificate works very well with all my services/browsers/etc but when I want to import my certificate in ownCloud I get the error message: “upload an ASCII-encoded PEM certificate”.

I read many documentation but I don’t know which format I must use to be able to import my certificate in ownCloud.

I saw that another Topic as been created for this error but the topic has been closed without a good answer.
I think that a working certificate should be imported in ownCloud without any issue.
If I got error it’s not a problem from my certificate, it’s from ownCloud itself.
So, I can convert my certificate in any format but I need to know which one to use. Is it possible to get this certificate format or any other specific requirement for certificate?

Thank you very much for your help!!

Hi, following, has anyone found a solution for this?

Hi, I found a workaround, i posted it at: Owncloud Docker Upgrade - SSL problem

Since I used this solution, everything is working very well and I don’t have any issue with secured protocol.

Have a nice day!