Status indicator uses icons

Expected behaviour

The status indicator uses icons to indicate the current status of our synchronization.
For example, the green circle with the white checkmark tells us that our synchronization is
current and we are connected to our ownCloud server.

Actual behaviour

However, My Owncloud-client doesn’t show any icons with indicators (The green circle with the white checkmark, the blue icon with the white semi-circles, etc.).

Client configuration

My operation system is Windows 10 Home, 64 bit.
owncloud-Client version: 2.10.0 (build 6519)

Could someone help me?

As far as I know - and can also reproduce it on my PC - there are status icons only for virtual files. If ‘Create virtual files’ is deselected when creating the synchronisation, the folders in the Explorer look like normal folders.

Is this a bug or a feature? Since the files are always synchronised forcibly, a status icon doesn’t really make much sense.

Reding this manual:
seems that this is not the case.

Moreover, I have another PC using no-virtual-files and there the status icons appear as shown in the linked manual.

Any suggestions?

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