Storage directory by UserGroup

I'm using the User Provisioning API to add a large number of users into my ownCloud Instalation. Each user is assigned to a UserGroup and I wanted to Group all user files inside a directory with the same name of the group.

User1 is added to group Services

I want that, in the creation of the User1, it's folder path to be something like:

and if an User2 is added to group Finance that the mounting point for User2 be like:

Can I change the storage directory by usergroup?
Can I change the directory at all?


I doubt you can change the home directory.

But you can share a storage or a drive with a group. So if a user is added to that group, the storage would appear in their root folder

Hey dmitry, thanks for the answer!
I´ll try to figure out a way to deal with my problem... maybe doing 2 instances of ownCloud, one for each purpose.

Thanks again!