Storage external Amazon S3 curl6

Hi everyone!!!

I am trying to add a S3 Bucket but I am getting the following error and cannot find any information.

The error it gives me is the following:

I feel my bad English, and my little explanation, thank you all.

Hi Alberto,

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Have a question. As documentation is host port and regional really optional

Hey @chacho

i really think you should start new threads about such unrelated questions and not misuse existing topics for them. :wink:

I do think that this is a valid question, as this topic is about S3 configuration.

According to the documentation, if you are using Amazon S3, you can omit host, port and region.
However if you are using an alternative S3 compatible storage provider, you will have to overwrite these values.

On the other hand, I haven’t had the opportunity to test these claims myself yet, so if you have an alternative experience this is either a bug in the documentation or the files_external_s3 app.
In that case please open a github issue.

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For what is worth I thought topic was about amazon s3
Which is what I tested and for me only worked when I specified the region

Sorry for any confusion

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