Storage on another Server

My Idea is to use 2 Storage Pools on OwnCloud.
For Example:
User 1 got Storage on original Webserver in Europe.
User 2 got Storage on Second OwnCloud Server in USA.
but both User login at the same WebServer. (Same Homepage)

Is this Possible?
The Second Webserver is Hostet by us self with the Original “ownCloud X Server Appliance” (VMWare) Convertet to Hyper-V VM.

Server configuration

Operating system:
Operating System: Linux
Web server:
Software: Apache
MySQL version: Percona Server (GPL), Release 83.0, Revision dc97471bd40 v5.6.38-83.0
PHP version:
PHP Version: 7.2.11-he.0
ownCloud version: (see ownCloud admin page)

versionstring 10.0.10
edition Community
productname ownCloud

Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install:
Where did you install ownCloud from:
OwnCloud Download Page

I hope you understand. Thank you for answering.


from what i know ownCloud is only able to add additional storages “on top” of the existing one via the “external storage” app but you can’t tell ownCloud that it should use different ones based on e.g. the availability or similar.

Hi Tom

Thank you for your answer.
I see that OwnCloud is defently not the right Cloud Software for us.
Also that i can’t see how much storage is used or how much storage is avaiable.
For me it’s called: searching for another software.