Strange OC-FileID header values


I noticed that file IDs retrieved via WebDAV PROPFIND are nice integers, e.g. 4084251. However, the “OC-FileID” header returned from, say, MKCOL or PUT is rather odd, such as “04084251oc22bbq10hrr”. I’m able to infer the numeric ID from this string, but I’m wondering why this string looks this way to begin with.


The other part of the file id is the instance id - we added this to allow usage of file ids accross instances


Ah, thank you. Can you elaborate on this a bit more? Is this relevant when using federation and some files actually come from another server (i.e., another instance)?

Also, how does the OC sync client get the file’s complete file ID (including the instance ID) from the OC server on first discovery, i.e. when not using HTTP response headers but probably WebDAV PROPFIND? I don’t think the instance ID can be retrieved via PROPFIND, correct?

Any input on this would be helpful.