Streaming Media from Owncloud



Does owncloud integrate with any streaming media software, like Emby, Kodi, Plex, etc.

..or does it have any direct web players or android players that could play media files, like video and audio, doing playlists and such?

Right now, I use emby and I have my google drive mounted so that it reads from that, but if I change tags in owncloud I also have to change tags in emby; there's no integration here.

Best would be a service that just associated meta data, like tags with hash sum, but I guess that's coming after I'm dead.


There is a video-player, and you can also install a audio-player ( which should work in the browser. You can also connect directly via webdav from any media-player. Not sure if these media-players support it and if webbrowser play media files like desktop computers.


That folderplayer thingie only lists mp3 as supported, while I got every most files as wav, flac and flv, so that's not going to cut it.

Also, using webdav, there is no integration with tags and such.

Also, what I'm using now; Emby, plays both audio and video files.


I have plex home videos library set to the data directory for videos (phone uploads) and it works quite well. Tags don't transfer to plex but I find it is much easier to view the videos across all of my devices (PC, Roku, phones,...) through plex. Videos can be instantly uploaded via OC and accessible on plex. For audio I have found the Owncloud doesn't really work very well for me unless you need to download or share them. I let plex manage audio and keep it out of OC altogether. I think plex now offers instant uploads for pictures and videos. Just my config. Hope this helps.


I don't like Plex, cause it treats video and audio differently and my music collection is a collection of audio files and video files. Plex doesn't let me create playlists combining each entity.

So, basically, we have no solution.

If owncloud lets me tag all my content, there is nothing that can make use of it.

I don't assume owncloud can make use of file system extended attributes and save metadata in there.

God damn, have you ever come across two systems working together. Nothing in this world works and everything sucks. I'm starting gardening or something.


According to Music the app can use Ampache to stream the audio; users need to generate an APIKEY for authentication (instructions there on GitHub) of their client

(NB: I gave up on using ownCloud for my collection of music files due to—then non-existent—terrible support for free formats, and I have not tried using the ampache system described above. Media streaming is one my three use-cases for ownCloud, so the project is still barely above #fail.)


I run owncloud alongside an ampache server and have had little luck in Ampache configuration. I have it working, and paid for a mobile app to sync and play the songs but I still feel like it is underperforming. I had all my music in folders and subfolders by artist & album and apparently ampache did not like this so anything in subfolders was not synced or imported. Granted, I know nothing about ampache, but there is little by way of information to get this thing going properly and not too much info by way of tutorials. I too would like for owncloud to do something with music & video files so that ratings etc are carried out of the owncloud and into any players that could be linked to it.


For hosting audio and video files, the solution that works well for me is to use a separate NFS server. I have the NFS filesystem mounted on the ownCloud server, and it's accessible via the External Storage app. For streaming the media, I use a separate Kodi (XBMC) server which also mounts the NFS shares.

Media streaming is a specialized function, and yeah, it would be nice to see some ownCloud apps for this, but in the mean time, having an external NFS server and an external Kodi server bridges the gap cleanly. FWIW I have all of these running as VM's on the same physical box (KVM on CentOS 7).


To resume file downloads, the xsendfile was supported up to OC 8.1. Then it was removed due to file-locking:

Try perhaps to create a feature request if this is something that can be implemented in owncloud. You find several issues on github on resuming downloads and streaming media files.


Mhhh, normally this should be already possible in current oC versions as the WebDAV endpoint of oC is supporting ranged-requests.


I'm running OC and plex on a debian server, and used to have a similar setup, but after a recent fresh install of both OC and plex after a hardware upgrade plex can't access the data directory for videos anymore. Before I solved the problem by adding the plex user to the www-data group. How did you give plex access to the data directory in OC? Thank you on beforehand.



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