Streaming MP4 files from Mobile device w/o downloading? Is this possible?


I use ownCloud to store movie files and they have to be accessed by mobile users. The problem we have is that the iOS client attempts to download the full file before playing.

I've seen in other thread someone speaking about using alternative players accessing via webDAV.

Is this the only way? Can you advise me on suitable players?

Or is it a matter of the way the movie files are created or saved?

Thanks a lot.


Try VLC Media player :wink:

Does it have a client for iOS? I know it exists for Mac or Win.
I will look for it

Android has VLC so maybe iOS too...

I'm not that into iOS...

Yes, found it. But it is not streaming also. The setup with the cloud services is kind of complicated, worked once, then stopped.

Anyone knows about an alternative?



it might be useful to shortly state which ownCloud version you're running and if you're trying to stream from a shared link. For those shared links you need at least oC 9.0.3+

I don't know about the "mobile" versions of the iOS but on windows and linux they can play using http protocol so webDAV should play?

Yes, AFAIK this is only an issue with videos shared by link:

We are on 9.0.2 and trying to stream from a folder shared by link with an external user that uploads the videos and we access the video files from the IOS client.
Should we update to later versions to fix it?

Thanks to all of you for the kind help

Generally please always use the latest available version for your used oC branch (9.0.x). This is currently 9.0.4:

To stream videos from shared links (e.g. with the mentioned VLC you need 9.0.3 or higher as written above.