Strong need for view/download option for private links

Owncloud 10 provides a means to create a public link with “download/view” option that will pull up a file (eg a PDF) for immediate viewing and optional download. This is an important feature for embedding owncloud links in various documents/webpages so that users can quickly view referenced documents.
However owncloud DOES NOT provide that same functionality for internal links. An internal link will only show the entire directory that a file is shared from. For security and link permanence, it is just not feasible to use public links for more sensitive documents, and requiring users to enter non-managed passwords for all public links with is just to cumbersome to manage.

Expected behaviour

I would like to see the same view/download option for private links as is provided for public links. I would think this would simplify the UI as well. Make link generation occur in one place with various options to choose from. As it is now, there are 2 different procedures to create private vs public links (from the web UI at least) and the options are different.


Is there a manual way that I can add text to a generated private link so that it will pull up a document in a view/download window? If not, is there a way to take a link from a browser URL that can be used as a direct-view/download link?

I don’t think this is true. For “userB” to have access to “doc123”, the document must be accessible for “userB”. This usually means that someone has shared “doc123” with the user (assuming the user hasn’t uploaded the file).
The private link will act as a beacon in the user’s folder. This means that it will show the directory where the user has placed the link (the recipient user, not the one sending). If the document isn’t visible to the user, an error will be shown.

The usual workflow is:

  1. “userA” shares a file with “userB”
  2. “userA” copies the private link and send it to “userB” (via mail, chat, etc)
  3. “userB” access to the private link

The workflow is the same if you share with a group instead of a user.

As said, at step3, the private link will search the shared file within the “userB”'s private space. This means that “userB” will only see his own files or files shared with him.

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