Subdomain DNS issues


I have installed owncloud server on AWS EC2 instance, all working well.

I have a web-server handling all my domains and subdomains on another AWS EC2 instance.

I want to redirect to owncloud server instance. Im using Plesk, so that’s easy. The subdomain in DNS lookup resolves to web server ip.

However if I type the url into browser window the URL doesn’t resolves to a valid ip.

The owncloud server instance security group inbound rules include HTTP, HTTPS, SSH and DNS (TCP), DNS (UDP). Both DNS rules allow the web server IP to access the owncloud server.

As Im an amateur It would be great if anyone can point me in the right direction.


Well, if it is a DNS issue it has nothing to do with OC at all…

Figure it out by using nslookup in Windows-CMD or host on a Linux client.

Server:  router.dom.local

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If it shows the correct IP it is NOT a DNS issue. Well, usually not…


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