subfolder problem

Good day
I have the following folder structure


subfolder 1
subfolder 2

I only have one admin user.

If i Make a new folder subfolder 3 on my computer,

the folder come up on my smartphone.

If I create a Subfolder 4 folder on my cell phone, does it NEVER arrive on my PC?

Why not ?


Android or iOS mobile app? Does the new file show up in the web UI?

Hello Michael,

i am Using the IOS App, and the Subfolder is on the server direkt, so then i open the web AI.

But whatever i do i cant get it on the PC By manuell Pressing sync or something.


External storage, mounted to the server?

I dont think its external, i got a webhoster witch installed owncloud for me automaticaly.

then i put in my user and connect :slight_smile:

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