Subscription of WebDAV calendar (iCal) does not work

I have a fresh installlation of ownCloud 10.0.3 on webspace.
There is an ics-file (iCal) in the documents folder (fresh upload several times a day).

Now I would like to have this calendar file subscribed in my ownCloud calender.
When I try to add this subscription with a link:
there is an error message
"Der entfernte Server gibt uns keinen Zugriff auf den Kalender (HTTP {401} Fehler)" ["the remote server does not grant access to the calendar (HTTP {401} error)"].

Since the ics-file is on the same ownCloud there should be no authorization issue? So I do not understand the errror message.
Could anyboy help me to get this ics-file lying among my oC documents subscribed as a calendar?

If the files live in the same server or not is not relevant. Any requests to your ics file at
https://mydomain.tld/owncloud/remote.php/webdav/myname/uploaded_calendar.ics require authentication.

You might want to try to share the file publicly and use the public link for subscription.

Let me know if this works out.

In the meantime I solved the problem: Indeed one needs to use the public link but with an added "/download" at the end of the link! That is not very intuitive ...

Thats why we have the download link on the public share page. Copy and past -> done.


As I have personal information on calendar .ics file I'd avoid create a public link ( even with a password).

Inside the calendar 1.5.4 is it safe to subscribe the local link as:

Independently how I subscribe, it takes about 2 hours to synchronize. If users delete the browser history ( localstorage), it synchronizes immediately. Is it possible to speed up the synchronization without user interference?

On oC 9.1.6 I need to add /download at end of public link.

Thank you for the amazing possibilities with oC,


The answer to my naive question about security: the browser stores the password as plain text at local storage:

For instance, open your calendar app with firefox: Inspect element > storage > local storage and then look for key&value.

Now, to reduce the time of synchronization of subscribed calendar(Owncloud 9.1.6 and calendar 1.5.4):
Navigate from your webroot to


At line 5952/8973 you please change

localStorage.setItem(webcalUrl, JSON.stringify({ value:, timestamp: new Date().getTime() + 7200000 }));

That would be two hours in milliseconds. And please donĀ“t forget to minimize:

uglifyjs app.js -o app.min.js --source-map