Suggested Method to get to Latest Server Version

Hey Guys -

I have an ownCloud 8.1.1 server which I host at owncube and use frequently. Something's up with it where it will not update so was planning to upgrade it manually to the latest version. Unfortunately, I found out that I'd have to upgrade 8.1.1 -> latest 8.1.x -> latest 8.2.x -> latest 9.0.x -> 10.0.7.

What it be suggested / easiest method to get to the latest version? Upgrade as stated above or install 10.0.7 from scratch and migrate the data into it? I do not have SSH / terminal access to this site if that makes a difference.

If the upgrade chain is best and really not that big of a deal to do, is there a document that has the steps in it to follow? I'm confident I could figure it out, but don't want to risk data loss.

Thank You!

Maybe i'm wrong but isn't OwnCube a hosted solution which is updated by their staff?

From what i have read recently you only need to do only this steps:

Thanks for the reply...

Well, the server space includes cPanel with Softalicious which can automatically install and upgrade ownCloud which is how I initially set it up, but now cPanel doesn't even see it as installed anymore so stuck at 8.1.

Do you happen to have a link to specific steps I need to follow to install these updates manually? The only catch is that I don't have SSH/terminal access - just FTP - so files will need to be edited locally then uploaded.


From what i know all documentation is available at where you can find the ones for the upgrades here: