SuperNoob guide to getting started?

OK, I’ve read “Please don’t ask us on how to get started”, but the next sentence reads “Setting up the server”. Here’s my question.

I’ve downloaded and installed the Win64 desktop client. I’m reasonably savvy with S3 and have an AWS account. All I want to do is evaluate OwnCloud as a Dropbox replacement using AWS. Can I do that with what I have? (I wasn’t planning on needing to build any source sets).

Many thanks (please be kind!)

A client needs a server. You need to setup one. Follow the instructions in our official docs, if you don‘t understand something - you can ask here for help.

Thanks for replying. So, essentially I would be setting up something that functions in much the same way as the “other end” of Dropbox does with respect to the Dropbox client, except that “something” is under my control… I get it, I think. ;-|

Some reading coming up.

Are you planing on testing this locally or implementing it on a hosted server?

I have no idea! We have a website hosted in the US (I’m in NZ), but I don’t know whether it is feasible to run an OwnCloud server on that, or if the hosting provider will support//allow that.

I guess the alternative is to dedicate a Windows box at work and run the server on that. If we did that there would be no point in connecting it to S3 unless we really wanted to have the cloud storage off-site.


from what i have read in the past ownCloud doesn’t work on a windows system and requires a linux-based operating system.

If you want to try out ownCloud without directly installing it on a server, the appliance may come in handy:

There is a pdf, which guides you through the installation.

Then, you can refer to the admin docs, how to set up external storages (such as S3)

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