Support for 2-byte characters in Scan document

I use the iOS app “Scan document”. I use this to take a picture of the object and enter the file name. In this case, 2-byte characters cannot be used in the file name.
Are there any plans to support 2-byte characters in the future?

ownCloud 10.6.0, ownCloud(iOS) 11.4.4, iOS 14.0.1

Works for me.

Is your ownCloud server configured the right way?

Check docs for 4-byte Unicode Support:


Sorry, I didn’t explain myself well enough.
The problem occurs when the user is “typing”.
I’m Japanese. I get the following when I try to enter 2-byte characters.

Suppose the file name is “こんにちわ.pdf”.
The user first deletes the date, which is the initial value. The user then enters the text(2-byte).
The user enters text: -> “こ.pdfんにちわ”.

The user has to delete all initial characters containing the extension and enter the extension manually or reselect PDF switch.

There is another drawback. It is word conversion in 2-byte characters. The latest version of ownCloud (iOS) is not able to do this word conversion.

Is full support for 2-byte character input in the distant future?

Could you upload a short screen recording that shows this behavior?

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I am attaching two videos. Both types are Japanese keyboards. These keyboards are genuine iOS keyboards.
Both of them are trying to type “こんにちわ”.


The first input method is called the “flick input” method. This one correctly recognizes a single Japanese character.
The second input method is the “QWERTY input” method. In this case, a single byte is used to determine the character, and Japanese, which consists of two bytes, cannot be input.
In any case, the second and subsequent characters will be put behind the extension.