Surprise upgrade from 7.0 to 9.1



Hi !

I have install Owncloud on a Raspberry few months ago. With OSMC (that can read into owncloud users files). In version.
Tonight, a pop-up on OMSC says "hey ! new update, need reboot !". I don't really think far away and I say Yes.
One reboot later, OSMC is upgraded. But owncloud too, surprise, in version, but like a fresh install : no user and no files... :confused:
In fact, owncloud 9.1 is back in the original directory (/var/www/owncloud/data) and my files are still in the repertoire that I had set for the 7.0 few months ago (/mount/ddexterne), but only accessible by ssh. Now, my files is safe !

Now the question : can I just change the 'datadirectory' in /var/www/owncloud/config/config.php ? Should I stop the service for that or something like that ?
What should I clean for a clean install ?
For the rest, it's only two users to create and few copy/paste, so I can keep the 9.1, no need to reverse to 7.0 I think.

Thanks a lot in advance !

PS : Sorry for my english... :confounded:



unfortunately you won't have that much luck with that installation as a direct upgrade from 7.0.4 to 9.1.1 is unsupported.

If you don't mind to loose the created shares (links and so on, no files itself) you can:

  1. Create the same users as before (to match the folders on your /mount/ddexterne
  2. Point the 'datadirectory' in /var/www/owncloud/config/config.php to that mount
  3. Run occ files:scan (See


Hi !

Thanks for the response.
Indeed, the update was rather radical, it would have surprised me that it can be done well without breaking. But it's done, and my files are safe, so, go on ! :slight_smile:
The first point is done. I will try the 2 and 3 to retrieve all my stuff.
I hope OSMC won't be angry with that upgrade ! :wink:

Thank you !



i really wonder why they did such a huge upgrade and pushing an unsupported upgrade path to their users without warning them. Maybe you can let them know at about that issue?



I have try the three steps. And ouch... ^^"
I can't log in : "Internal Server Error" . In logs, I find :
{"app":"remote","message":"SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '\/var\/run\/mysqld\/mysqld.sock' (2)","level":4,"time":"2016-10-03T19:03:06+02:00"}

So I compared the config.php of the actual version (9.1) to the config.php of the 7.0 version.
The "dbtype" was different (sqlite3 in new version, mysql in the old one). Ok, so I change the dbtype, add few lines of old config.php about db-thing et reboot.
I have a screen "Update needed", and I have try. But nope :
Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported.

I give up : backup of my files, clean all files about owncloud and fresh install of 9.1 version. I don't have a complicated installation, it will be much faster than debug.

Thank you !