Switching between Owncloud installations - advice

Hello ,
i was wondering if i can have a bit of advice.

in my situation i have 2 owncloud instalations , both with Lets Encrypt cerificates. owncloud A and owncloud B.
i want to only keep owncloud B with the DNS name and certificates of installation A.

how would you go about this? is there anything in particular that i should be taking care?

basically … change the IP on the DNS name to ownclud B IP, shutdown owncloud A and reissue the certificates?


The only ownCloud thing you have to take care of is the trusted domains entry.

thanks @dmitry …forgot about that :slight_smile:

No worries, glad I could help.

Keep in mind that, if ownloud B differs from owncloud A and a sync client which has used owncloud A is now accessing owncloud B with the same domain and user name / password this might break that sync client.

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Never tried it, but good point. Have you tried it before?

we created separate owncloud users for them and migrated the data. so my expectation would be that when the clients install the owncloud desktop, the data would sync without problem … is like installing the client on another PC.

PS: there is no AD integration.