Switching owncloud users from command line

Hello Everyone,

For our student association we are planning to drop samba-based network shares in favor of running our ownCloud setup.

However, since we are also having local PCs where we plan to have one generic account and password, we need a way to somehow switch owncloud users on startup (hiding files the new users isn't allowed to see, and showing others the previous user maybe didn't see)

What I managed to do was (in a batch file)
1.) Removing everything from the default ownCloud folder, including owncloud synch files
2.) Running owncloudcmd -u -p to re-synch the data

However, as I understood, this will NOT keep the files synchronized when they're edited locally. Is there any way I could achieve that? (Maybe a logoff batch script running the command again?)

Yes, a logoff script calling owncloudcmd could work.

In general, the client was not designed for this kind of use case. But it could work as you found out :slight_smile: