Sychronisation with

Hi there,

I get the following error message when synchronizing:

“Server has answered “500 Internal Server Error” to “Move” (skipped due to the former mistake, renewed attempt in 8 seconds) , OB/File.KS, D:\Owncloud ,, 2022-03-19T12: 22: 21.975, added to the blacklist,”

The file file.ks (11 MB) is synchronized. I can correct the error message by selecting the file name locally first and after re-synchronization (without error message) the name change can be reversed again.

How can I prevent this recurring error message?

Owncloud is installed with a provider.

ownCloud 2.10.0 (build 6519)
Windows 10 Pro:

  • Version 21H2
  • Systembuild 19044.1586

Thank you

ownCloud 2.10.0 (build 6519)???

Your file is Blacklisted, which means, files that may harm the ownCloud environment like a foreign .htaccess file. Blacklisting prevents anyone from uploading blacklisted files to the ownCloud server.

Here you can find more information