Sync between more than one PC

i have installed the newest version of the Desktop Client on my two PCs. I have the following Problem:
PC 1 is the main PC
PC 2 is the most time powerd off.
PC 1 One is syncing normal with my Owncloud but when i power on PC2 the client starts the sync and owerwrites and delets data on the owncloud.
Is it possible to set the data on Owncloud as Master and PC2 is allowed to download the data an upload only new files?
Thanks for help.
Best regards,

Sounds like a bug. Please open an issue with all the details in our repo:

Only in a share, you can define such specific permissions, so you could try it with a 2nd user on the server.

Did youch checked the time on the PC 2? Could be the hardware clock is wrong, due to empty battery on the mainboard, a common problem on PC’s where often poweroff.

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