Sync big amount of data on mobile

Hi, this is just a question.
Time ago I installed owncloud app to sync 17G of data on and iPad.
I found out taht there's no way to force the client to sync all data.
Is this changed with the latest release of the sync client?
I need to store data on mobile devices (also android) so to be available also off-line and I need them all.
Thank you.

Most of the free Android app developers moved to Nextcloud. So perhaps check their support channels, if you can raise your question there (or give the Nextcloud android client a short test if it suffers the same problem). If the problem was found, you can ask in the owncloud-repository to backport the improvements.

Hi there. I am one of the active maintainers of the ownCloud Android app.

At the moment there are some limitations in the mobile apps to sync huge amounts of files in a direct way.

Please, tell us some more details about your needs. You mention both and iPad and Android devices. Where are those 17G of data? In your server, in one of the devices? Do you want to push those files from an iPad to the server and then have them available in your Android devices?

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Thank you both for your reply.
The data is stored on the server.
As of now there I need to sync this data on 3 iPad.
In the next future I may have to sync also on android.
What matters more is that I need to access the data offline!
That's why I wish to sync the whole content of my account.

In the ownCloud iOS app, you can mark folders as available offline. Unfortunately, you will have to do it for each folder inside the root of your account, because there is no option to do it for all the account nor multiselection (yet).

Swipe to the right on a folder, and then tap the three-dots menu appearing on the left border. Then you can choose 'Available offline' in the menu. All the files in the folders (and its subfolders) will be downloaded. You will be able to use them offline, since they are never deleted automatically. Besides, while the folder is marked as 'Available offline', the app will download automatically the files that are changed in the server side, if network is available.

If you make any change in a downloaded file, the iOS app tries to push the updated file to the server immediately (no matter if in an available-offline folder or not, this is for any file). If network is not available, the file will be kept in a queue, and the upload will be retried when network is back. You can see pending and failed uploads tapping on the tab 'Uploads'.

About the Android app, 'Available offline' is ready for individual files, but not for folders. It's currently work in progress, should be released before the end of the year. Meanwhile, you can download a full folder, or even several folders at once, since multiselection is available in the Android app. Long press on a folder, select all the folders you need, and then tap on the 'Sync' icon in the top bar. All the files inside will be downloaded if never downloaded before, or synchronized, if they were changed from the last time they were sync'ed. Unfortunately, the files will not be automatically downloaded again if there are changes in the server, you will need to repeat the operation manually or mark individual files as 'available offline'.

Hope this helps.

In the ownCloud iOS app, you can mark folders as available offline.
Unfortunately, you will have to do it for each folder inside the root of
your account

As of now, that's fine for my needs.
I hope this feature will be working on android app as soon as possible.
Thank you.

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