Sync Errors - wrong filesize, service unavailable, operation terminated


I'm running OwnCloud 9.1.4 on a Raspberry Pi 2 and have some PCs and Phones using it to synchronize files via Windows Desktop Client 2.3.0 or OCloud for Android.

Owncloud seems to work fine but when adding files to a shared folder whith other clients online directly synchronizing I often run into the following errors:

  • wrong filesize, e.g. the downloaded file is empty or has a different size than what the server reported
  • error on transfer, service unavailable
  • operation terminated

After seeing these errors on the client and stopping sync and restarting it, it would sometimes work for a couple of more files but then stop again.

Is there anything I can do to fix this behaviour? Is there any command to owncloud to check files on the storage against the database and resync files that are different?

Is it an issue having shared folders where all clients have read/write rights?

Any help would be much appreaciated

You can check again the filecache-table to the files on your filesystem. Please take a look at the documentation of the occ command:

If you run into an error, please check your logfiles which could help you to identify a problem.