Sync icons not showing in Finder (Mac)


Steps to reproduce

1.Start ownCloud
2.Open ownCloud folder in Finder

Expected behaviour

Sync icons should appear in Finder beside each folder (green/yellow/red)

Actual behaviour

No sync icons appear in Finder

Server configuration

Server version 10.0.10


OS 10.14.13

ownCloud 2.4.3

Sync icons not showing in finder. Can’t update ownCloud due to known crashing issue (was on 2.5.x, went back to 2.4.3).

After going back to 2.4.3 yesterday, sync icons were showing but have disappeared today. Have other users on 2.4.3 and sync icons are showing.



Sounds like a known issue in macOS 10.14 Mojave. Probably other users run 10.13 or before.

  • Try Finder restart ==> overlay icons should be back
  • Restart the computer ==> overlay icons gone

Crash is fixed in the 2.5.2 rc2. Final release soon…


I’ve experienced this issue today as well, after running software update on OS X last night. OS X 10.14.3. Relaunching Finder fixed it, but isn’t a fix.


Fix in the 2.5.4 that will be released soon. You can verify with the 2.5.4 daily pre-release builds:;O=D