Sync issues (Service unavailable, operation cancelled) with OC10.0 on ubuntu 14.04

Hi i am running OC 10.0 with Ubuntu 14.04. And when syncing i get these errors with these files:

Upload max size in OC is set to 9.8GB.

Any idea why this happens to just these files?
Some tips...
- the file for Archive.rar is 1.2GB
- that ic_launcher has a rather long filepath and so is responder_button.

Then again these characteristics are not unique to these files.. so i have no idea.

I tried to delete those folders holding ic_launcer... and i notice a strange behaviour.. i dont know is it related to file system depth, but i will get errors deleting it in OC on web. But if i open the folder and manually delete the inner files and folders and working my way out.. they can delete.

I noticed there are some folders i just CANT delete... even they are empty.. for example

How can i delete them from command line if from the web is not possible

Please share some logfiles about the error. You can also try the demo setup in order to verify this error with a correct setup.