Sync local folder on client to sub folder on external storage / specify destination folder on oC server to sync client files into




I have an external mount '/media/smb/' (SMB mount point) and i want to sync a folder on a client pc (windows 10) to a folder within the external mount point.
Windows 10 client folder to sync :

and I want to sync this folder onto oC server :

Currently, when i try and sync the folder on the client, it is sent automatically to /var/www/owncloud/data/john/files/
I can not find any options to set a different destination folder




The destination folder is set in config.php or via


Thanks for that,
I had a look at the page you linked to on external storage, and i can't see anything on there about setting a destination for a sync?
I also had a look at this page :
Which seams to be all there is on manually configuring the clients config file, and it only says that there are 2 options you can change, polling interval and max log lines :frowning:

I can't find a reference document that details all the possible entries in a client config file.

Can you point me to a more detailed page for manually setting the client config file? I presume there must be some option like the following, but can't find any info

where the external storage is mounted on : /media/smb/