Sync non empty folder on Windows?

My ownCloud contains a lot of files and a big quantity of data. I would like to migrate from a Windows computer A to an other Windows computer B.
I would like to know if it's possible to copy data from A to B and sync ownCloud without download all data ? I've tried and it seems to download again, even if data are present.
Thank you !


the ownCloud desktop client doesn't detect existing files on a new device. Thats a currently not implemented functionality you're looking for.

If you migrate from one computer to another make sure that you're also migrating the .csync_journal.db (hidden file in your synced folder). If you're also migrating this file the desktop client shouldn't re-download all data.

Thank you.
Do you know if it will be implemented in a future release ?
And other subject if you know the response : do you know if symbolic link are supported in ownCloud folder ?

There is a longer open feature request for that:

Some in there say it was planned for 2.2 but that seems to be not true as 2.2 was already released.

Thank you, it's not used often but it would be a great functionnality.

It looks like the checksum has been installed for other purposes and might be implemented for this problem later. I added this on the list for features in OC 9.2:

Thank you !
I've tried to migrate from A to B, .csync_journal.db is copied but it doesn't work, ownCloud wants to download all files again...

Then you need to wait until that feature is implemented in the sync client.

(Make sure to keep file times also intact when doing the migration with copying .csync_journal.db)