Sync Spaces with ownCloud desktop app

HI all,
I installed OCIS 2.0 on a server and created a user as Spaces Admin. With this user I created several spaces. I installed the ownCloud desktop client ( from the owncloud debian repository and logged in the same user. Syncing the files from the user works fine.

But I can’t figure out how to sync the Spaces. In the github repo for ownCloud desktop I saw some issues regarding Spaces with a “Add/remove Space” button, but I can’t find it. Is syncing spaces currently not supported? Is there some workaround?

All available Spaces get added when you setup a new account in the 3.0 desktop client.

Spaces added after that need to be added manually with the “Add…” button. Sadly, wording is wrong in the released 3.0 version.

Correct button text in the latest daily 3.1 pre-release builds:



Thanks for the quick response!

I removed the account and added it again, and now it works as expected. The spaces are there by default and I can also see them with the “Add Folder Sync Connection” button.

My best guess why it didn’t work for me is that I added the account with an older version of the desktop app. I remember the setup dialog looking very different from my attempt now. And when I used the “Add Folder Sync Connection” button, I only saw one entry “owncloud”.

Anyway, my problem is solved now. Thanks a lot!

The same happened to me - I also created the connection with an older version of the client. I can confirm that it works once the connection is removed and re-added.

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