Synching or Not? Client shows MB to Sync, but nothing is happening


I'm on a mac with the Version 2.2.2 (build 3472) of the client. I've seen this two different times on two different machines (but not at the same time).

My sync client will show a green checkmark, but will show it has data to sync. When the client runs next, nothing gets just shows XXXMB like it has that much to sync, but nothing happens. If I close/reopen the sync client, it just refreshes back to the same status. if I make a small change to force a sync, that change will get synched up to the server, the client will appear finished, but will perpetually think it has data left to sync.

I think this is simply a display issue because I've never seen real changes not get synched when the client is in this state.

Any suggestions of things to look at?

restarting the client doesn't help
restarting the client computer doesn't help
everything appears to actually sync properly
redoing everything on the sync will resolve the issue
It looks like a simple display issue to me

Edit to add: The client isn't synching in the background (like a large number of deletes or moves). I can see the activity log showing nothing for the previous 30 min or so

You are seeing the green checkmark in the client and not on the file in Finder right?

Could you attach a screenshot to clarify this?

You can also press F12 to see what is going on in the log.

Here's a screenshot:

What I'm seeing is a green check in the client saying everything is synched, a green check on the menu bar icon saying everything is synched, but a menu display that says Synching XXX MB of changes.

One more edit. At the time of the screenshot (1546 local), the last activity reported on 1304 when it downloaded a new file from the server. I've seen this 691 MB message since yesterday and had several things sync.

ok...I think I've got this sorted out. That total number is counting everything that could be synched. If something is on the ignore list, it isn't synched, but is waiting to be synched.

I'm sure I'm doing a poor job explaining it...if someone searches this in the future and wants more info, ping me