Synchro issues with owncloud client win10 & win11

Client configuration
Client version:3.10
Server version:8.2.2

Operating system:win10&win11

OS language:spanish

good morning

Today some users have started to tell me that they have problems synchronizing the desktop application with the web portal, I have no problems logging in with any account, but they are all throwing the same synchronization problem, although the server is on its latest version and the client as well.

does not generate an error log.

and tried to see if they are my network parameters, OS, Antivirus, etc… but nothing

  1. Web server error log: does not generate an error log.

  2. Server logfile: ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log):

Those statements contradict each other. OwnCloud 8.2 reached end of life almost six years ago in May 2017 at version 8.2.11 only a month after the release of ownCloud version 10.

The warning in the client app indicates that the server version is not compatible. Upgrades are always easier when they are done earlier. Once you get your server current, I encourage you to take a more aggressive maintenance posture.

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hello, thank you very much for the answer, it turns out that I thought it was updated, since in the administration web window it shows me that way, I will have to see it with the infrastructure team to request this update, thank you very much

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