Synchronization between the file server and the desktop


I have been using Owncloud for some time but I can not set up the synchronization between my file server and the owncloud folder on the desktop.

Let me explain :
If in the owncloud folder of the desktop, I add a file that copies itself to my file server.

By cons, if directly on my file server I add a file, it does not repercute on the folder owncloud desktop. same for the deletion.

Is it possible to have synchronization on both sides?

The owncloud server is on a debian and my posts with the Windows client owncloud with the file server mapped on

thank you all

I’m not sure that I understand correctly, but you won’t be able to add files on the server directly. You always have to go through the web interface. If for some reason your workflow requires this, you should use either curl to upload the files into the server (safest method) or set up a cron job that scans for the new files like so:

occ files:scan --all

But this will break functionality of apps that uses post upload file hooks, like for example anti virus or search providers as they don’t know about the file.

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Two choices to solve this, one would be to use the desktop client to bring the files from the file server into ownCloud and then bring them back to your desktop. The second one is available inside our Enterprise version, we do have listening to events on the Windows File Server … please contact us for a try out.
For small setups the file:scan solution layed our by Erik, will suffice, indeed.

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Thank you so much

I will try the second solution @eneubauer


It does not work. I tested ; occ files:scan --all

If I delete an item from the filer, it will not be deleted on my client workstation.

The file sync is only done from my computer with the owncloud client

Works for me. I’ve tested it with a 10.0.10 on Ubuntu 18.04. What are you using?

Edit for clarification: It needs about a minute or two until it deletes the file in the file system via the client.

The owncloud server is on a debian 9.
On this server, there is a mount to a file server (NAS).

My computers are on windows 10 with the client owncloud.

Via the client it works.
That’s when I delete it directly on the NAS that does not sync to the computer.

Can you make sure that after the file deletion the scan occ command ran? It won’t work before this runs.
Which version of owncloud server are you using? To figure this out you could go to:


thanks, I was not patient enough, the command occ files: scan works.

All that remains is to make a script that automates.

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Just a reminder:

  • Uploading directly to the ownCloud’s data folder is NOT SUPPORTED
  • files:scan is intended to be used to fix several potential problems. It is NOT INTENDED to be used continously.

If you want to upload files, go through the ownCloud’s webDAV interface. You can also upload files directly to the storage backend by using the ownCloud’s external storage support


Thanks for your advice.

After testing, the order :

occ files:scan <User> --> works

occ files:scan --all --> does not work

No error message but no result.

Do you have an idea ?



maybe you can give more details on the “does not work”? Looks to me that this is lacking information like e.g. the current behavior and the expected behavior.

When I run the command occ file: scan --all, the command does not generate an error, but the files on my file server do not synchronize with my Windows client.

As a reminder, on my owncloud server, I created a mount to back up the files directly to a file server (NAS).


maybe these notes below are the reason why the files are not synced back to the client?

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