Synchronize and clone files between two servers/federations



I deployed two OwnCloud servers on different local area networks. These two servers then share their folders using the federation functionality. However federation does not fully clone the files between the servers but, for understandable reasons, hosts them (as far as I know) on the server that created the folder.

The reason I set up two servers is because the LAN bandwidth is a lot faster than that of the connection between the two servers. I was hoping there would be some sort of option that would clone and also synchronize the content of the two servers so users can quickly (with high bandwidth) access the OwnCloud server in their own LAN. So a federation share but also download the content of the shared folder so one does not fetch files from the server outside of the LAN.

I have been looking around but can't really find a way to do so. Is this possible?


From what i know there is no synchronization between servers yet.


I know this is a bit of an old topic, but I'd like to +1 vote for this. It would make life a lot easier for doing upgrades to the core files in OC should something happen to one sever.