Synchronize owncloud

Dear all,

every time when i start my Mac and Owncloud synchronizes there is an error message that one folder can not be found.

The error message in german is: Ordner XY konnte auf Grund eines Fehlers nicht synchronisiert werden.

But these folder was delet a year ago.

Do you know why this error message is displayed every time?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hello, what is your client version ? Server version?

Hi Glannes31, I'm using the community version.

Yes, but it's Owncloud 10.0.4 ? For client version 2.4 ?

Yes this is the version

Okay, on your owncloud server (terminal) , do an occ files:scan -all . If you have serveral users , you can do occ files:scan (your_username)

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The problem is solved?

The problem is solved.

Thanks for your help!

Could you set my answer as the solution ? Thanks