Synchronizing images with updated metadata

When I update the metadata associated with an image, usually a tif or a jpg, the updated file is not changed on other machines. The metadata I am referring to is comments, date taken, and other information that is stored as a part of the image file itself. The file size increases slightly, but other client machines do not download the updated file. If I manually download the file from the web interface or if I unsynchronize the folder and re-synchronize the folder, the metadata comes with the files as expected.

Originating client:
Linux Mint 20
Owncloud client 2.6.3 (build 2668)

Linux Mint 18
Server version: 10.0.10 (stable) – Yeah, I know it is a little old.

Destination client example:
Linux Mint 20
Client Version: 2.5.1 – I really should update that

Second destination example:
Windows 10
Client version: 2.8.2

Any thoughts on how to get this to update automatically?


  • 1st client detects change and uploads correct? (Check in Activity)
  • Editing a text file should behave the same?
  • Is the server location on mounted remote storage or federated share?
  • Does browsing the web UI triggers the download of the file on receiving clients?
  • Does occ files:scan triggers the download of the file on receiving clients?

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