Syncing in Owncloud server between External Folder and Google Drive

Does Owncloud Server have the ability to internally Sync 2 folders that exist in Owncloud.
For example I have a Folder called Pictures in Owncloud and I have a External Connection to Google Drive.

Can I setup these 2 to sync with out the need to 1st Sync the files to a Windows Computer and then have Google Sync application installed on that Windows Box?

I guess the same should also work for Amazon S3.
IS there a internal Sync Plugin?


Can you state your use case more clearly? I don’t quite get it.

You want to sync your google drive folder in ownCloud, and your ownCloud folders. Right?

Or do you want to sync the google drive folder in an ownCloud folder?

There is a external storage setting in ownCloud where you can configure your google drive storage to sync with ownCloud.

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I think I understand what you are asking. You like to sync from Google Drive into your ownCloud, so the files stay inside ownCloud Server. There is no direct sync option and this is not how external storage is designed, but as a workaround you could:
Establish an external storage connection to Google Drive.
Install the sync command line client on the Linux server you run ownCloud on.
Create a new folder in the Web UI.
Run file scan on google drive.
Run command line sync client syncing the ownCloud Google Drive into the target folder in the primary storage.
Run file scan on the target folder.
Voila …