Syncing two owncloud boxes


Hi.. I am setting up a test instance on a different box. Would also like to use this as a failover. What I am planing on doing every night is using rsync to synchronise the data directory then export/import the database. Was going to create a script and make it available to the community but was wondering if (a) this is the best way to do it and (b) if it already exists. It strikes me that the script could also be used to migrate to a new owncloud box. Have looked in this forum and the wider net and these is people discussing it but it was a while ago.



there is no such tool or feature available. However some ideas to have such mirroring are collected in this feature request:


Had a look through this, very interesting. My idea was a simile script to synchronise, how a HA scenario. The slave install is offline while it happens so it makes it a lot simpler. Probably best to treat it as more of a migration script than a near real time sync one.


You could use an external storage (data/-folder itself should only by modified by the owncloud setup) and user other processes to sync two servers (glusterfs, btsync, ...)