Syncronization incomplete

Expected behaviour

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Syncronization of all files

Actual behaviour

Tell us what happens instead
Several files are not syncronized.

In the German version the error reports are: “Zeitüberschreitung bei der Verbindung” and “Die Datei ist in der Ignorierliste geführt.” However the last report is wrong: these files are not part of the ignore list. In fact I don’t use an ignore list. The files which are not syncronized are encrypted with the software Boxcryptor. Because of that filenames sometimes are long and files normally have names like [filename].bc. However most of the encrypted files are syncronized.

A further error is: “07.02.2019 19:59:25,[filename].bc, D:\Users\XXXX\ownCloud,Error transferring httpsowncloud/[filename].bc - server replied: (Could not write file contents)(Übersprungen aufgrund des früheren Fehler,s erneuter Versuch in 23 Stunden)”

Steps to reproduce

Server configuration

Operating system:

Web server:


PHP version:

ownCloud version: 10.0.10 (stable)

Storage backend (external storage):

Client configuration

Client version: 2.5.2 (build 11181)

Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Version 1809 (build 17763.292)

OS language: German

Qt version used by client package (Linux only, see also Settings dialog):

Client package (From ownCloud or distro) (Linux only):

Installation path of client:


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Template for output < 10 lines

  1. Client logfile: Output of owncloud --logwindow or owncloud --logfile log.txt
    (On Windows using cmd.exe, you might need to first cd into the ownCloud directory)
    (See also )

  2. Web server error log:

  3. Server logfile: ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log):

There’s already a default ignore list:

What is the name of your file?

The files which are not syncronized are named *.bc. I don’t find this pattern in the default ignore list.

Could you check the client log for entries with this filename?

How do I check the client log?

I’ve produced a logfile. Unfortunately as a new user I’m not allowed to upload it here. That’s why I sent it to I hope this is ok.