Taskbar icon showing information icon instead of the green one

I have upgraded my Linux Mint installation to version 21 and since the owncloud client included in Mint’s repositories segfaults for some reson, I have downloaded the AppImage (version which works fine, but instead of showing the green “everything is synced” icon, I am getting the blue “information” icon. On mouseover it says “Last sync was successful” and when I open the client go over the big blue information icon, it says “Sync success. Some files were ignored”. I had ignored folders before and it didn’t show me the blue icon instead of green before the upgrade. Is this a feature in the latest owncloud or it’s some kind of a bug? It’s quite annoying, as I can’t tell if everything is OK by simply looking at the icon in the taskbar now.

Intentional change. Needs improvements in future versions.

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