Tasks and Notes Apps under 10.0.2

I just upgraded from 9.1.4 to 10.0.2 and I can't find the old Notes, Tasks, and QownNotesAPI apps. They are not in the ownCloud Marketplace so where can I find them?

They are only available for Nextcloud so you'd have to switch to use them ...

You can contact the authors of these apps and ask them to release those apps at the new marketplace.

They were available under ownCloud up to at least 9.1.4 so why not now?

I think because the app developers havn't uploaded / released the apps in the new marketplace yet. If the apps are not yet compatible with ownCloud 10/X this might be another reason and everyone is welcome in helping / contributing to release those.

It's possible to download the app from github into the apps directory

as described there. And then enable it using occ from the console:

php occ app:enable tasks

Now my tasks are back. I hope this is somewhat stable...

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