Templates are gone?

Recently, there are more and more posts lacking relevant information. For this purpose we used to use templates that ask certain information. Was this removed on purpose or was this just not re-activated after the reorganization?

It seems that since the last category rework, many people aren't using the "help" categories, which indeed have a valid issue template, but the Server/Android/Desktop-Client categories instead, which don't really fit that purpose.

for now, I added the issue templates from the help categories to the main categories, too. Then we will continue to get the relevant information in their posts :slight_smile: thank you for the notice.


Seems there is a template missing at https://central.owncloud.org/c/server/hosting-area as well.

What i have also noticed:

If you're creating a new thread on the index page, typing in some text and choosing the category afterwards you won't get the template shown. This is probably expected but still could explain why people are not filling out these.

Yeah, and this can't be solved, I guess.

at the hosting area, I will also add the issue template of server-help. It's neither an area for support, but when people are using it for it.... hm.

Maybe this needs to be reworked again to be more intuitive. >.<