Text files converts to zero kb when trying to open through owncloud virtual files support enabled

I setup owncloud desktop client 2.6.1 and enabled virtual files. when I double click to open any text file for example my notes.txt with a notepad editor the file opens blank (no content ) in notepad and the size of the file changes to zero kb.

Can you please help.

owncloud desktop client 2.6.1
windows10 64bit

@linksyswrt54gs could you provide detailed steps to reproduce?

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Scneario: I installed owncloud on a new computer. While setting up owncloud I selected virtual sync (sync on demand meaning it will only download files when i doubleclick any file . i selected this option so that i dont have to sync everything on my local computer ). If i double click a .exe , word or pdf file owncloud will download the file and opens just fine but when i double click any .txt (text file) it will open blank and size on the text file shows as zero kb (previously it was showing as 1kb)

Also want to note that this text files were previously synced on my old computer. I didn’t create this text files on my new computer. If I were to create a text file in owncloud folder it opens and works just fine.

Hope this is clear. Thanks for your help.

New issue in the public repo on GitHub.com, but insufficient information:

I have the same problem on some of my client.
Sometimes when i open files it converts to 0kb with no data inside. It seems to be limited to txt files.
All these files are on an external storage, from where i can always open correctly.

@michaelstingl i’m sorry but the link returns 404.

Can someone help?

@linksyswrt54gs @matteo.tenconi ownCloud team doesn’t have enough information to understand this problem. Please open a new issue on GitHub.com and provide all the information that is required in the template.

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