The database should be updatet, also the links to opendesktop


i have logged in at apps.owncloud and have see to be not
reaal connectet to opendesktop, also with the logins and password's

So stay now the apps.owncloud autarg/ standing alone with an own db ?
so should also fixing the whole links on it and by login should be writes an hint to be autarg(an stay alone login/db) over the login.

also should have an linked in phpbb3.2-forum (apps/Knowledbase/Forum/People) for have an own community, so the apps-community for reorganisation by self and have an own forum for, also possible for rebuild an apps.owncloud community,
around Owncloud, because Nextcloud want walk his own way and Owncloud should have this possible also.

oh i see, the topic-creation it is also not possible .. :\

well, what do you think ?


have a look at the marketplace announcement [1] as well as the marketplace itself [2]. According to a comment in [3] older oC versions will be also able to get the apps from the marketplace so the days of are counted.




thank you very mucho :slight_smile:

should Redirect and hold the users to a clean way, because this confused only..
and the marketplace should have a own clean Forum for Users-Publisher connectivity
and on the apps should be a direct link in the forum, for clicking on
and jump in the right board/forum.., something "modern" forums like it is in use by nextcloud
it is not clean and not over-viewable, you must klicking through for become the right place.
there it is a phpbb forum really better .. (imho)

and by the way, the blog should stay directly behind the "News" on top in the menu of ,
no wonder for i have not found :slight_smile:

best regards

IMHO definitely not. This was the worst thing at the old appstore as it has spread the users at various different places. IMHO everything ownCloud and app related discussion should stay at one place (here at central).

For the other suggestions just post them at the correct places like: -> for suggestions to the -> for suggestions to the page

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