The file can not be shared because it was shared without sharing permission


I am having an issue with generating public links through the desktop client. After copying a file in to my owncloud folders I get this message when I try to generate a public link:

After trying it a couple of times, it suddenly works. Is there a way to resolve this?


Hey, @Fele thanks a lot for your report! - It looks like the client did not catch up fast enough with the server permissions after the upload. Usually, we query those every once in a while so the server does not get overloaded with requests. (e.g. the client will take a while to realize the admin disabled "sharing" for the whole server and adjust:

It might make sense to adjust this time, after all, I'll try to measure the impact of the delay when uploading a file and report here back with my results.

In the near future; we want to move to a socket-based event triggering logic that will translate in clients catching up with the server in a more reactive way. You can follow up the progress in:

hi @alfageme thank for explaining. that helps to stay patient after uploading :slight_smile:

may i suggest something regarding the sharing options? it would be great to have the "copy public link" directly in the owncloud right click context menu. (or an option to customize it)


Great to have your feedback @Fele! We've already received similar opinions and we know it's a bit hidden as it is right now.

We're thinking about how to integrate a shortcut for this. It'll most likely be ready for our version 2.5 and in the meantime, you can follow up the progress on:


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great, looking forward to it! thx :slight_smile: