The first ownCloud internet meetup:

Hey Folks,

meet fellow ownClouders, engineers and and just all kinds of people around the ownCloud platform now in a weekly call.

The engineers at owncloud use a tool very often to gather together in ad hoc conference meetings and discuss improvements and other ownCloud related stuff.

To open up we decided to have a weekly meeting, in a video chat with all of you.

Starting from Thursday the 19th October we will have a weekly chat at 4pm/16:00 CEST in the afternoon.

Just join the channel .

We have at the beginning no fixed schedule or agenda, this is left open on purpose.

Please note that this online-meetup is not intended to be a support channel. It should be a channel to communicate, chat, hang out and meet other like-minded people.

See you on Thursday!

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Which year? ....2021?

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My bad, misread the calendar thanks for reminding. In any Case this will take place the next Thursdays anyhow.