The ownCloud Infinite Scale Tech Preview 1.6 enables advanced microservice orchestration

The seventh Tech Preview for ownCloud Infinite Scale brings a dynamic service registry, full user deprovisioning and a number of UI improvements.

One main point of our modernization effort resulting in ownCloud Infinite Scale is scalability, preferably infinite scalability. We have chosen an architecture made up of microservices that can be distributed across multiple machines. With the ownCloud Infinite Scale Tech Preview 1.6, we introduce a dynamic service registry to make this work seamlessly. The service registry dynamically assigns network addresses to the microservices, enabling them to find and work with each other. This simplifies configuration and the scaling out of deployments.

To get rid of accounts, ownCloud Infinite Scale now enables the full deprovisioning of users, including the storage aspects.

UI improvements
ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.6 comes with the ownCloud Web 3.1 browser interface which, among other changes, brings a number of accessibility improvements. Also, when opening the file list view, user avatars are now fetched asynchronously to accelerate the loading of the page. There are now thumbnails for .txt files. A change brings translatability to a number of strings in the settings and accounts extensions.

Check out the new ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.6 Tech Preview release and learn more about installing it. ownCloud Web is available as an extension for ownCloud 10 instances, with ownCloud Web 3.1 hitting the ownCloud Marketplace soon.

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