The URL of our owncloud server has changed. how to modify it in my desktop client app?

The URL of our owncloud server was something like “”. I installed the Mac OSX client, and everything was going correctly.

Now the administrator has changed the URL to “”.
How do I change the URL on my desktop client?
One solution is remote the account on my desktop client, and create a new one with the correct url. but then I should need to re-download all my files (and this would take so long).
Is there a way to change the URL on my desktop client, without the need to re-download all my files?

Cheers, David

The removal of your account in the desktop client won’t remove all the data you have stored on your Mac.

So if you remove the account, keep the data, add the new account - ownCloud will do a quick check if all the data is there, and not download the same data again. You just need to check the correct sync folder.

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Just change the URL in the clients .cfg file. For better user experience, the server admin should redirect to the new URL.

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thanks, but this procedure is very dangerous; if files are not completely synchronized, then it would detect different files and mark them as conflict. This would be a disaster!

I see that in OSX, this file is at ~/Library//Preferences/ownCloud/owncloud.cfg
I’ll try that, thanks.

A tip for Windows users, you can close the OwnCloud client and then edit the configuration under “%AppData%\ownCloud\owncloud.cfg”, for example to switch from http to https.

This procedure is dangerous. File should completely organized.