The Web installer is givig error 404

The downlod of web isntaller is givig 404 erro, any tough how to overpass this?


What about some more info about your setup?

i cant even download the web installer from the owncloud webpage, you know a direct link?

Same issue here, anybody got a solution at hand?

Without more information, no, I can not

Link restored for now. The script actually is outdated and probably no longer works. The link should actually disappear from our website soonish. If you try, please take care and let us know if it works.


The new version of web installer is releasing soon?

afaik the webinstaller is unmaintained, that is why I gave that warning. The link to the download is already removed from our web-pages. Does anybody have a recent owncloud version installed with that old web-installer?

Historic reference (do not use for production):