Theming owncloud X



I have a owncloud installation since 8.x.
In every update I've make the theming with the line

'theme' =>'name_theme',

in config.php
and making a themes/name_theme folder.

Now with 10.0.3 i find a apps/theme-example where are a copy of /core and /appsinfo.
I think this was a 'example' to copy to the themes/ but I've find that now the .css and images must be there (at apps/theme-example) to work the theme.

Anyone knows why this change?
Thanks in advance.


Could be possible that this change was required to be able to publish themes at the marketplace:


Themes are now being implemented as apps. But there is supposed to be a compatibility layer to support still the old way.


One more question.
How I make the own theme?
Do you know if I need make the folder theme at the apps folder?


Please have a look at our docs



I don't use the enterprise edition.


This is the correct link:


The new way is quite different.
Now themes are apps and may activate like that.
A great help.


so i realize this topic is quite old … but i tried to create a theme as per link ( ) and I get the error that the template is corrupted.

any info on this?



did you use both scripts with the right parameters?


I created both scripts and called only the as instructed.


I would try doing it manually according to the documentation.


thanks @dmitry , that is what i did :slight_smile:

just a question, where ist the Slogan saved? by default installation.


did you look at the defaults.php?


just found it , like 3 Minutes ago :)) Yes, the defaults.php … slow processing on Mondays.
Thanks again and have a great day !


can i do this without sudo permissions? i have one installed in shared host